Faith, Hope and Love! Life has brought me to a place that I need to share my experiences. Though it will not always be easy, I know that during some of the hardest moments of my life I just wanted to know that someone else knew what I was going thru. That I was not alone! I will be primarily writing about Marriage and adultery. Adultery is by far the most horrific and devastating series of events in my life. I do however, believe that had I known more about marriage and how to guard and protect my marriage that just maybe things might have been different. Also, on occasion I would like to take a look at the other areas of our lives where the devil needs to kicked out too! Some posts will be incredibly heavy but we all need some deviation, some hope and faith thrown in as well. I do plan on writing fairly short posts. I know that when I was seeking comfort, help and some sense of sanity long posts just caused me more stress. I wanted short meaningful insights that could help me not just with the initial struggle but with the daily struggle as well. So bare with me as I share my life with you from devastation, to healing and now Joy. My hope is that by sharing with you, that you too can receive encouragement and hope for YOUR future!