Dogs have feelings too!

“The dog has peed on my side of the bed again!!” Bryan yelled and cussed! Ranted and raved! We had a little Maltese named Titian and he was so very sweet and cute. We had rescued him from a pretty terrible living circumstance. We had taken him to the vet and he was absolutely filthy, he had fleas, worms and he was extremely weak, malnourished, really just awful shape. The vet said that his life was in the balance. So I carried him around like a baby for weeks. By doing so I had made a friend for life! Bryan however, had never really liked little dogs. Before kids, we had English mastiffs and loved them. To this day they are the best dogs we have ever had. They minded very well, housebroke easily and were honestly just giant lap dogs. Bryan loved the big dogs so much he had never really adjusted to the idea of a small dog.

Titan was mostly a perfect gentleman for several years before Bryan began his affair. He did like to mark his territory and would do so in the house on occasion. No real extreme, however. Then out of nowhere Titian started to bark at Bryan, avoid Bryan and yes, PEE on his side of the bed. Now he would not pee on the bed when Bryan was out of town only when he came back home. The first day was always the roughest. I thought the little dog was having a midlife crisis. I could not imagine what was causing his change in behavior. What did that little dog sense?

Oh, my goodness, retrospectively I should have realized that the dog was trying to tell me something! I truly believe that Titan knew, sensed something was very wrong with Bryan. He had never been so standoffish nor ugly to Bryan before. He had never peed on the bed before. I do not know what it was, was it Bryan’s smell, “her” smell, Bryan’s demeanor and attitude, who knows?  But I apparently had an affair watchdog watching out for me! Though it is quite the joke now, it was not in the least funny when it was happening. Bryan was raging mad!

We now have two dogs one very small and one quite large. Both love Bryan and stay right with him when he is home. The little dog sleeps in Bryan’s lap every evening and the big dog is right next to him or at his feet. I have definitely learned a lesson, though! From now on I will be more careful in watching our dogs and their behavior around ALL people. Any more doggie midlife crises will be looked into thoroughly. And, I will say this, if there is any more peeing on the bed, somebody has a lot of explaining to do!!  So pet those furry loves and give them a hug, treat them right and you too may have an affair watchdog of your very own.


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