Even music can be painful!

Music anyone? Well no, no thank you!

Music is a love of mine! I love all sorts of music: country old and most of the new, bluegrass, gospel, Christian contemporary, 80’s hair band, 90’s pop, today’s pop, Christmas music, hard rock, Celtic, really most music is quite fun for me! UNTIL my husband’s affair!

I will never forget taking my kids to school one morning and having the radio on my favorite country station. It was just a few days out from learning that Bryan had been having an affair. Just as the kids hopped out of the car, the music stopped and the call in story line of the day started and it was something along the line of “how badly can you trash your husband’s wife or ex-wife that you have already destroyed because of an affair?”! No, honestly I am not kidding! I will never forget the station, the longtime morning show personality that I had listened to since I was a kid, and the horrible feeling of bile rising in my throat! One of the woman’s words that called in still haunts me even today. Her words were something along the lines of “I am so much better than his wife, I am beautiful, and sexy, I deserve him, she is ugly and fat, her husband and kids are better off with me and she does not deserve him or his kids! She got what she deserved, nothing!” And the morning crew laughed and laughed, they thought it was hilarious! Since that day I have NEVER listened to that station again! I was appalled! I was humiliated all over again!

Starting that day I could only listen to Christian or nonverbal music. It has been only in the last year that I can listen to just about any genre of music that I choose. I am still very sensitive to the cheating and do change the station if a cheating song comes on. Do you realize the garbage we have all put into our heads over the years? As I have gotten my ipod together and downloaded songs for walking and pleasure I have realized some of my very favorite songs are about cheating! It is like it was ingrained in all of our heads that hey, it’s OK, go for it, you deserve better, everybody does it. Almost like a subliminal message.

The benefit of being alert to the words now is that I have shared my love for other genres of music with my kids. They now enjoy listening to classical especially when we do our school work. They even hear if a song is loaded with ugliness and most often, not always, but often choose to change it. Sadly they do know the radio station that must not be named and it is not even programmed into either my husbands or my cars. What is that old saying? “What you put in is what you get out!” Well, it is true. Music is just one more area of our lives we have decided to kick the devil out.




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